Social Media In presentations:

Being a great speaker was never easy, but now, with your audience likely to have a mobile device in hand and real-time access to multiple social channels, the challenge of presenting has gotten that much greater. It’s simple, social media networks such as: Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat have become very popular. This social networks allows people to communicate rapidly. For that reason is important for a presenter to take the advantages of using social media networks when doing a presentation. The usage of this social media network has change the way presenter communicate with their audience. For instance, a presenter who embraces social media networks can connect with the audience in a more meaningful way. According to “6 Ways Social Media Helps Your Presentation Resonate” (2015), ” Listening to social media channels is the perfect way to find out what your audience is like”. Knowing this can help establish a better connection between the presenter and the audience. One of the advantages of using social media networks is the fact that most of the popular social network sites are free to use. Moreover, using social media in presentation ensure that the presenter gets real-time reviews. Rather than waiting to ask a friend after the fact how you did, the presenter can welcome real time feedback in social media. For example, the presenter can read and  respond to the audience tweet on twitter. By using twitter, the presenter has the ability to socially share screen shots of the presentation. In addition,  using Social media network has giving presenters a large number of options that never existed in the past. Today, the presenter has the opportunity to connect with a broader audience and the audience participation is increase dramatically when the presenter promotes social media networks. When the presenter is connected with social media channels like, Youtube, the presenter has the opportunity to broadcast a presentation that can be view by anyone. The fact is that no longer are presenters limit of doing a presentation in a small room, instead by using social media sites they now have the opportunity to spread their message to the world.


Future Technologies in Presentations:

             Just imagine, siding in one central room and listening and speaking to a 3D hologram of a person. I truly think that would be the future for of doing a presentation. The fact is that Technology is rapidly growing and every year we see a new technological devices that is new to people. That being said, I think in the future we will see new devices that would allow people to do presentations in a new way. For instance, I think in the future we will see devices that would allow people to do presentations using a hologram. This might happen sooner than expected because according to “How Holographic Environments Will Work” (2015), ” Scientist today are developing a new communications technology that will allow you and your friends to interact inside a simulated environment even if you are thousands of miles apart”. This is like something out of Sci-Fi movie. 3D holograms are real and we would soon be able to use them to interact with people. Aside from 3D holograms I think we would also see new devices that would allow presenters to create a 3D environment for the audience to see. Just image, a presenter doing a presentation about “Dinosaurs” and the presenter having a device that would allow the audience to see a 3D environment of how the Dinosaurs lived. Too me that would truly be the ultimate visual aid to use in a presentation. Moreover, in the near future I think a presenter would also benefit from having higher internet speeds. I really think that in the near future networks will have higher bandwidth and speeds. This high-bandwidth, high-speed network would be necessary for a presenter to transfer large amounts of data. Just imagine, uploading a broadcast of your presentation in a matter of just seconds instead of minutes.  Lastly, I think in the near future we will see supercomputer that are affordable to buy. A Supercomputer that has the capability to run thousands of programs  would make easier for a presenter to conduct research. Overall, we will soon experience new technology that would totally change the way people do presentations.


know the Audience:

When your presenting your main focus should always be the audience. Failing to understand the audience needs can have a negative impact on how the audience sees the presenter message. For that reason is very important to create a presentation based on what the audience knows. Luckily, is not hard to get know the audience, all the presenter has to do is conduct a small research before starting the actual presentation. For instance, one of the first things that the presenter has to do is to determine how familiar the audience is with the topic. It’s quite simple, if the audience knows about the topics then it’s up to the presenter to develop a presentation that surprises the audience. It’s important to remember that an audience is a temporary assembly of individuals who, for an hour or so, share one thing in common: your presentation. They are all listening to the same message at the same moment; yet all of them are filtering differently and gleaning their own unique insights, points of emphasis, and meaning. For that reason is important for the presenter to find common ground from which to communicate. Finding the common ground between the audience and presenter can mean the difference affect the way the audience process the presenter message.






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